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About Ed Tech of WNY

About Ed Tech of WNYEd Tech of WNY is a 501c3 non-profit formed in 2003 by a group of IT professionals that had a passion for making sure everyone had access to technology in the community. We are 100% volunteer run. We started with just one school, in Buffalo, that was in desperate need of some IT help. A group of us just got together to help them on day. The organization grew from that one experience.

Ed Tech of WNY is a group of volunteers who enrich the lives of the community by improving access to modern computer technology. The Organization sets-up and configures reliable networks, Wifi, computers, smartboards, servers and other types of technology for community centers, schools, or non-profits.

Since its inception in 2003, Ed Tech of WNY has helped more than 150 schools, organizations and community centers in the WNY area. "Computer technology is essential to education today as blackboard and chalk was 100 years ago," said Doug Torre, founder of Ed Tech Day. "This is a great way for IT professionals to give back to the community in a very meaningful way," he added. Ed Tech Days are coordinated by our Board of Directors, which consists of volunteers who have been part of the program since its inception. They have the passion to see this organization succeed and volunteer their time to make sure it does.

What is "Ed Tech Day"?

On Ed Tech Day, a team of volunteers goes into non-profits, community centers, schools or other organizations, which are in need of modern technology to help better education, work place skills and services. The teams of volunteers use equipment that has been donated by local businesses or individuals and rebuilt by Ed Tech volunteers and equipment that has been purchased through the fundraising efforts of the Organization. These volunteers then work together to give each location a "technology make over". They setup new computers, labs, printers, networking equipment, servers, WiFi, run wiring and other technology free of charge.


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