Services Ed Tech of WNY provides non-profits

Ed Tech Day

Ed Tech DaySince its inception in 2003, Ed Tech of WNY has helped people at more than 150 schools, community centers, and non-profits in the WNY area.

How it Works

Prior to Ed Tech Day, you site will be visited by an Ed Tech team leader. The team leader will do a complete site evaluation and determine a scope of work. The team leader reports back to the Board of Directors with the site's needs and project plan. The Board will them  determine what they can provide for the site in regards to hardware and IT personnel. We do our best to meet the needs of all sites. 

On Ed Tech Day, a team of volunteers will come to your site. They use equipment that has been donated by local businesses or individuals or new equipment that has been purchased through the fundraising efforts of the Organization. The volunteers work together to give each location a "technology make over". They setup new computers, labs, printers, scanners, networking equipment, servers, run wiring and other technology to give the site access to modern day technology.