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Testimonials from Ed Tech Day Sites

"WNY Veterans Hosing Coalition just celebrated it’s 35th year of providing permanent supportive affordable housing to Veterans who were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  It that 35 years, we have helped over 20,000 Veterans in need of housing and our services.  What makes our program so successful is the hands on case management services, the support in supportive housing.

We are continually amazed at the generosity of our community who support our organization and our mission serving a growing number of Veterans in need.  We are so very grateful that you chose to help us provide updated computer systems so that our staff can work most efficiently.   Your donation of eight (8) desk top computers, at least fifteen (15) monitors, and countless cables, power chords and adaptors, has saved us a significant amount of money that does not need to be diverted from our mission.  Your generosity and our cost savings help us to serve those Veterans by providing housing, services, and homeless prevention. There is no greater privilege than to help those who need a hand up in life, especially when we are serving those who have served our Country. "

~ Gigi Grizanti, President & CEO of WNY Veterans Housing Coalition Inc.

"Ed Tech has made such a tremendous impact on the students at Our Lady of Black Rock School.   Our students have computers and laptops to use in every classroom.  The organization is top notch and the volunteers who come into the school are always so professional. These volunteers give their talents as well as share their knowledge to assist us in keeping our technology running. 

OLBR School has been so blessed to have EdTech install our server and WiFi.  In addition, all of our classroom as well as our computer lab have been outfitted with PC’s and laptops for EdTech. We would never be able to afford the items that have been donated nor the IT needed to for the server and network.

We would like to thank everyone who has a part in making up the EdTech Team for their time, talent, and treasure!  It so very much appreciated by the students and staff at OLBR."

~ Our Lady is Black Rock School 

"I just want to thank you for all your work in coordinating a program that supports schools, especially our private schools with limited budgets, in order to meet our needs in technology products and service hours. The team you sent to St. John, under the leadership of Tim, consisted of professional, talented, problem-solving, kind, and caring individuals. Tim was willing to take the time to make a couple of site visits and communicate frequently throughout the process in order for St. John to maximize the benefits that your services at EdTech offers.

We are so grateful for internet/wifi improvements that were made, the 20 laptops, the document camera, the printer, and all the service hours that our school received."

~ St. John Lutheran School

“Our Club needed to upgrade all of our computer equipment ASAP and also needed to find someone to take all of our old computer equipment from us. “The help that we received from Ed Tech was impressive. The attention to detail and their concern for making sure that our data was transferred accurately was incredible. We are so happy with everything! It was a smooth transition and Ed Tech is always available to help with any questions. You guys did a great job and you helped in more ways that you know. Ed Tech made it all possible”.

~ Boys & Girls Club of Elma, Marilla and Wales

"On behalf of the Elim Community Corp I would like to first say bravo for all that your team accomplished at Elim. The high-quality Wi-Fi network and the excellent job done on the laptop and hard drive systems will provide consistent and valuable access for many of the youth as well as adults in our community programs. The Ed Tech team of professionals worked tirelessly to complete the tasks at hand. Whether it was running wires through extremely high ceilings, answering questions, or remaining until the last laptop had been updated; all the volunteers treated our needs as their own. There is nothing they worked on that I can think of that could be improved."

~ Elim Community Corporation

"I wanted to drop you a brief note of thanks for the wonderful job done by Ed Tech of WNY during the recently completed project here at our school. Every person in your organization was a pleasure to work with, and the entire project went very smoothly – thanks in large part to the very professional advance planning and walk throughs completed in advance. I would also like to recognize and commend the volunteers that assisted in the project for their efforts. The quality of the work and equipment installed is top notch, and most importantly will allow our wonderful faculty and students the opportunity to enhance both the teaching and learning experience here at Notre Dame. I will be working closely with our technology committee to determine additional work that can be scheduled. Thank you again for everything, and we look forward to working with Ed Tech of WNY again in the near future"

 ~ Notre Dame High School

"They provided major benefits to St Johns School, including: 1 - The computer lab has been rearranged and the LAN rewired, which allows it to accommodate the new computers that were needed. We can also eliminate the connectivity problems the old wiring was giving us, gain a speed boost, and have a layout that is much more functional for the students and teacher. 2 - The 15-year-old main switch for the building has been replaced with 2 new Gigabit switches. This increases speed and reliability, in addition to providing redundancy. 3 -  New LAN runs were added to Music/PreK3, Art, Spanish, and the Library. These will eliminate problems with the wireless adapters that we had to use, in addition to reducing the burden on the wireless network and improving speed. This support from Ed Tech and the volunteers will certainly improve things for the teachers and students, in addition to reducing the burden on the tech support staff. Thank you!"

~ St John the Baptist School, Alden

"On behalf of the faculty and staff of Northern Chautauqua Catholic School I would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" to the team assembled for this year's EdTech Day and to the EdTech organization. Without the provision of technical assistance and equipment by EdTech our school would not be able to provide the technical education necessary to make our students knowledgeable and proficient in the skills needed in today's work force. The team accomplished a multitude of tasks ranging from equipment updating and installation, wiring and server updating. As usual we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with EdTech and especially with our team leader George Condoyannis."

~ Northern Chautauqua Catholic School

"On behalf of our parents, staff, teachers and students at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament School, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the generosity of all the donors who donated for Ed Tech Day and to all the exceptional volunteers who offer their expertise and time to set-up all the equipment.  In the growing demands of technology today, this support from Educational Technology Foundation of WNY is paramount to our success."

~ Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament School

"Without the Ed Tech Foundation our technology center would be years from completion. The volunteers provided the expertise, the manpower, and the supplies to get our center wired and operational within weeks. Ed Tech is a fantastic group of highly dedicated IT professionals who saved us nearly fifteen thousand dollars in completing the tech project. Now, when our new Boys & Girls Club opens our kids will have daily access to a quality tech lab & learning center." - Video Testimonial

~ Boys & Girls Club of Springville

We appreciate your partnership and your support, as do the many children and families that turn to Gateway-Longview every day for care, counseling and assistance. We know there is ongoing need in the community and, with your generosity, we will continue to provide necessary programs, goods, and services to the many children, youth and their families.

~ Gateway-Longview, Inc.

"With the help of those involved in Ed Tech Day we were able to greatly expand the capabilities of LACA (Latin American Cultural Association). The wiring, computers, server, and multifunction printer allowing better productivity and compliment the existing efforts to help the local community. Now with video conference capable workstations for our classes. A sincere thanks goes to all those who participated and coordinated the Ed Tech Day efforts for 2010."

~ Latin American Cultural Association

"The Community Action Organization of Erie County Inc. is very grateful and appreciates the new computer lab your agency so graciously donated to the C.A.O. Pratt Willert Community Center. The computer lab will allow our agency to better serve the community in the Pratt Willert neighborhood. I know that community is going to be very please"

~ Community Action Organization of Erie County Inc.

"As a result of Ed Tech Day, Compass House was the proud recipient of 20 newly refurbished and updated desktop systems and a new server, as well as recommendations for maintaining these technological assets over the long haul. The Educational Technology Foundation helped us close major technology gaps and increase our capacity to serve over 500 runaway and homeless youth each year."

~ Compass House

"Ed Tech Day continues to give our school the opportunity to provide a better technology program for our students that may have not come together without them. As a principal of a private school, it is often a concern on how to utilize limited resources to offer a strong tech program. Ed Tech Day provides me the assurance that we can offer a quality tech program through the program's dedicated volunteers."

~ Universal School

"Our school is very thankful to the volunteers of Ed tech Day. The 1st year our school opened we had to merge three schools equipment and set up a new network. In the past we have also have had our Smart boards set up, the computer lab rewired and a server installed. Ed Tech Day is a great day to meet people, learn something new, and know that you are helping in the education of a child."

~ Notre Dame Academy

"Ed. Tech Day provided our school with a badly needed new server. Ours was not functioning properly and was causing us to have many problems. In addition, the crew brought us 10 refurbished classroom computers. This was a God-send for our school, as I do not know how we would have been able to afford these upgrades."

~ St. Aloysius Regional School

"With your help we managed not only to meet, but exceed the goals set for the day! The technology program at St. John's will benefit greatly from the efforts each of you provided in establishing a file server, setting up and configuring the lab computer, providing the classroom upgrades, as well as the 'painful' update/maintenance process performed on each computer."

~ St John the Baptist

I would like to personally thank the Ed Tech Foundation for its generous donation of 2 refurbished computers for my classroom. As a 4th Grade teacher with a rigorous and challenging NYS curriculum to follow, these new computers have enhanced my students’ learning. Every day, my students actively use them in many ways – from researching various topics to playing Math and Science games for reinforcement of lessons taught in class. The students thoroughly enjoy having them in the classroom, and being able to use them throughout the day. I am truly grateful to the Ed Tech Foundation for this contribution. I feel that the computers will continue to have a wonderfully positive effect in my classroom and with my 4th graders.

~ SS. Peter and Paul Catholic School

"As I sit at my desk here at OLBR, I look around my room and I am overwhelmed with happiness. I am so grateful for the sheer amount of computers I have in my room which I can now call a lab! I am so  thankful for all of the other working computers and laptops in every single other classroom in the entire school infused with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. I am indebted to the work that was done and will be done these next few days on our server, allowing teachers and students to be able to access our new domain securely and safely and share files quickly and efficiently.  I am beholden to everyone's hard work wiring all of our rooms, making sure everything is connected even with our shortage of outlets! 

"Since I took over in December I have felt as though I was alone with limited resources treading an uphill technology battle that seemed to have no end. Trying to put out as many metaphorical, and some literal, fires (a few smoking cords!) as I could and to keep things running smoothly even though everything seemed to be burning out and dying around me, I made myself sick and eventually had to take a day off to recuperate. I was asked on EdTech day who my IT person was, and I replied me. This morning I cried tears of joy knowing that I will have a great school year thanks to all of you that volunteered on EdTech day. I know now that I do have resources available to me and friendly people who can help. Without technology , and without it working properly, our students will have not have access to the wealth of information and possibilities that it offers, our faculty will not be as connected and our school would run slower and not run as smoothly.  You all made this possible!"

~ Our Lady of Black Rock School