About Us

Executive Board

  • President - David Rhoads - Catholic Health System
  • Vice President of Community Relations -   Nicole Walter, Lume Strategies, Inc.               
  • Vice President of Technology - George Condoyannis, Catholic Health System
  • Secretary - Billy Vona - Finger Lakes Technology
  • Treasurer - Kathy Cerullo, RLComputing
  • Peter Capelli - Aleron Shared Resources
  • Steve Dick - Catholic Health System
  • Dan Emmer - UB School of Dental Medicine
  • Derek Punaro - Praxair
  • Chad Witherell - Cannon Design
  • Past President - Renee Cerullo, RLComputing  
  • Honorary Member/Founder- Doug Torre

What are the responsibilities of being a Board member?

  • Attend Board meetings on the first Thursday of every month
  • Help guide the organization strategically
  • Serve as a chair on a committee
  • Help promote all events
  • Participate in fundraising efforts and help bring in corporate sponsors
  • Help on Ed Tech Day
  • We are a working board!

What is the process to become a Board member?

  • Fill out the application PDF and email it to info@edtechday.org
  • Meet with 1-2 current Board members
  • Must participate in an Ed Tech Day prior to joining the Board

Questions - please email info@edtechday.org