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Published on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Looking for Technology Help?

Ed Tech of WNY has something to offer to the Western New York area that many places don’t have; the proper technology resources. Ed Tech of WNY is a group of volunteers working towards the common goal of providing technology resources to children across WNY. It’s an organization dedicated to getting the proper technology resources to schools, non-profits, and other organizations. With the ability to makeover these places, there is more availability of technology to those who might not, otherwise, have access to these resources. Since 2003, Ed Tech of WNY has been able to help over 100 different organizations all across the Western New York region. "Computer technology is essential to education today as blackboard and chalk was 100 years ago," said Doug Torre, founder of Ed Tech Day. "This is a great way for IT professionals to give back to the community in a very meaningful way," he added.

Emphasizing the fact that technology is a crucial part of education today, unfortunately, many have trouble finding the resources to be able to teach in this way. That is what Ed Tech is here for. Every year, there is an “Ed Tech Day.” This day is dedicated to adding new technology to classrooms or community centers or anyone who qualifies. During this day, whole technology makeovers are made at all of these difference places to provide a better space for learning and connection to the online world. “On Ed Tech Day teams of volunteers go into non-profits, community centers, schools or other organizations, which are in need of technology to help better a child's education and workplace skills. The teams of volunteers use equipment that has been donated by local businesses or individuals and rebuilt by Ed Tech volunteers or equipment that has been purchased through the fundraising efforts of the Foundation. These volunteers then work together to give each location a ‘technology make over’. They set up new computers, labs, printers, scanners, networking equipment, servers, install wiring and other technology to give the children access to modern day technology and improve their education and skill set.”

So what can Ed Tech do for you and your organization? Although many aren’t aware of the service and volunteer power that Ed Tech can provide, the organization can help you revamp the way you teach, learn, and stay connected. With budgets low and technology being relatively expensive in large quantities, there is good possibilities for improvement through the Ed Tech of WNY organization. With its help, Ed Tech can help to provide a good connection to updated technology resources and a chance to be able to teach, learn, and stay connected in a technologically sound environment. The volunteers are providing their time and the donors are providing resources so you don’t have to. Ed Tech of WNY is more than happy to help you and your organization today.

To request support, please go to http://www.edtechwny.org/Request-Support.

If you’d like to donate or volunteer for the organization, go to http://www.edtechwny.org today.

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Author: Renee Cerullo

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