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Published on Thursday, November 16, 2017

PBDD Advocates for Ed Tech of WNY

As an all-volunteer organization based in Buffalo, NY, Ed Tech of Western New York seeks to enrich the lives of children by improving access to computer technology. They set up reliable networks, WiFi, computers, smart boards, servers and other technology for community centers, schools and non-profits. Their ‘Ed Tech Days’ are eight hours or more spent on-site replacing and improving technology. By having teams focused on upgrading technology access in one day, things get done. As President Renee Cerullo said, “It is amazing. Stuff that would take a month, gets done in eight hours.”

Renee Cerullo President of Ed Tech and Barry Glicklich President of PBDD 

Renee Cerullo, President of Ed Tech with Barry Glicklich, President of PBDD

Doug Torre started Ed Tech of Western New York in 2003 as a way for IT professionals to give back to the community. Many volunteers have been part of the program since its beginning. The board of directors are active volunteers at the

While individual Ed Tech days occur during the year, the biggest push is the August Ed Tech day, where between 10-15 sites are done on a single day, timed to be ready for the start of the school year. Using equipment donated by local businesses or individuals, volunteers rebuild the equipment and work together to give each location a technology make over. The goal is to give children access to modern technology and improve their education and skill set. With so much standardized testing online, schools need access to technology. It can be a challenge when older buildings need to be rewired, which often happens. Ed Tech is sometimes involved much earlier such as when the Boys & Girls club of Holland was moving from the basement of a church to a new building. Ed Tech ran the cabling before they closed up the walls. They brought in a 30 station computer lab, plus WiFi. It was a huge project, but it was a nice change to be involved from the ground up.

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